• Camburi Beach

    Praia de Camburi, State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    The biggest beach in Vitória is 6km long. Great for sports on the sand and on the sidewalk. Great for appetizers and for drinks on the kiosk and bars on the shore. At the beginning of the beach the attraction is Iemanjá pier with the “queen of the sea” statue and a beautiful landscape. Heading North, it is Atlântica Park, a great option for hanging out.

  • Guarderia Beach

    Guarderia da Curva da Jurema - Avenida Américo Buaiz - Enseada do Suá, Vitória - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    Located in a small portion of sand between Ilha do Frade beach and Curva da Jurema. Place where people meet and Praia do Canto’s bay’s landscape with its quiet and refreshing sea filled with boats, motorboats, sailboats and all kinds of vessels. Perfect for stand up paddling, kayak or outrigger canoe.

  • Curva da Jurema Beach

    Curva da Jurema - Ilha do Boi, Vitória - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    Vitória's tradicional beach, located before Ilha do Boi neighborhood's entrance. Beautiful landscape facing Ilha do Frade and holds great kiosks and local cuisine. Famous for its swimming on the sea and sunbathes.

  • Ilha do Boi Beaches

    Praia Grande - Rua Aref Hilal - Ilha do Boi, Vitória - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    On Ilha do Boi (a neighborhood which is also an island) the options are Grande and Da direita beaches, usually calm but crowded on the weekends. Quiet waters and beautiful landscapes are some of the attractive features for people and also for swimming. Emphasis on the soccer circles people make on the sand.

  • Ilha do Frade Beaches

    Ilha do Frade, Vitória - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    Ilha do Frade is a neighborhood below an island with charming landscapes and peaceful beaches. The best options for bathing are Das Castanheiras beach, at the end of the island, with an amazing view, and Da Poça, which its way down is right after the island’s lake. The pictures you can take at the beginning of Do Frade and Dos Barcos beaches are amazing.

  • Pedra da Cebola Park

    Parque Pedra da Cebola - Rua Ana Viêira Mafra - Mata da Praia, Vitória - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    “The Onion Rock” Park, which the name is popular because of a rocky formation drawed by nature in the shape of a big onion, holds a typical restinga vegetation. At the park, there is a meditation house and an eastern garden, a lookout point on a big rocky wall used by climbers, besides the amazing garden. 

  • Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES)

    UFES Campus de Goiabeiras - Avenida Fernando Ferrari - Goiabeiras, Vitória - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    Federal University of Espírito Santo holds a campus filled with lots of green and Mata Atlâncita vegetation, great for pictures and hanging out. Emphasis on the astronomical observatory, open for visitation and a beautiful sunset facing the mangrove of Vitória’s dike.

  • Lama Street

    Ponto de táxi - Rua da Lama 24 Horas - Av. Anísio Fernandes Coelho - Jardim da Penha, Vitória - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    Lama Street is a famous local spot, it is a college students and local artists’ meeting point. Place with lots of snack bars for all kinds of tastes and bars of the capital. Meeting point for young people hanging out and partying.  

  • Triângulo das Bermudas

    Rua Joaquim Lírio - Praia do Canto, Vitória - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    Triângulo das Bermudas’ region is the most crowded spot on Vitória's nights. Place with lots of bars, clubs and live music where usually the party goes until the sunrise. Please the young ones but also older people because there are options for all musical and gastronomic tastes.

  • Vitória Historical Center

    Centro de Vitoria ES - Rua Coronel Monjardim - Centro, Vitória - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    At Vitória’s Historical Center - ES it is possible to find the Metropolitan Cathedral with its gothic stained glass, the simple Santa Luiza Capel dated on the XVI century and the oldest working church in the country. Anchieta Palace, the government headquarters, among other constructions from that time, besides the famous Vitória’s harbor.

  • Praia do Canto Squares

    Praça dos Namorados - Avenida Saturnino de Brito - Praia do Canto, Vitória - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    Besides the beaches, Praia do Canto’s neighborhood’s landfill holds the most beautiful squares in the city with lots of landscapes. Praça dos Namorados is known for its handicraft fairs on saturdays and sundays, Praça da Ciência provides sensorial physics experience, Praça dos Namorados, on the other hand, is somewhere to practice sports and leisure.

  • Projeto Tamar

    Projeto Tamar - Vitória - Avenida Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes - Enseada do Suá, Vitória - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    Located in Praça do Papa, on Vitória 's bay entrance. The visitor enjoys an interpretative itinerary on how to preserve sea turtles in Brazil. There is an auditorium for speeches and videos exhibition, besides 2 tanks with sea turtle specimens, among other attractions. 

  • Convento da Penha

    Convento da Penha, Vila Velha - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    One of the oldest religious sanctuaries in Brazil is located in the city of Vila Velha. Situated on the top of a clif, 154m high and its construction began around early’s 1558. It’s the main landmark in Espírito Santo and has a breathtaking landscape. The name honors Nossa Senhora Da Penha, who is the patroness of the state.  

  • Vila Velha Beaches

    Praia da Costa, Vila Velha - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    Holding an extensive and beautiful coastline, Vila Velha is a few minutes away from Vitória. The city has tons of beaches and the emphasis goes to Da Costa beach, De Itapoã Beach with its boats, Itaparica beach with its kiosks on the sea shore and the quiet and charming Secret Beach, which is not so secret.

  • Morro do Moreno

    Morro do Moreno - Rua Xavantes - Costa Beach, Vila Velha - State of Espírito Santo, Brazil .

    Morro do Moreno is 184 meters high and it’s located in Vila Velha. Beside the beautiful Third Bridge which is one of the postal cards of Espírito Santo. Surrounded by Mata Atlântica and being a famous spot for people who like trails, climbing, abseiling and there is even a zip line with awesome landscapes and ocean view.